Glass and Silver

(Indigo Heirlooms) and my wife Bliss St were included in the same treasury .

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The Izmir Charm is @ Blisst on ETSY


People seem to love the Alexandria tea cup, saucer and Cake plate. It has been chosen for its third treasury and what a wonderful one it is!

Look at that fly!

Royal Doulton Persian Vases

Divers of Pearls has some Royal Doulton Persian ware chintz vases. They are an excellent example of textile inspired chintz. Wild, colorful and with birds these vases are all about the details even the edges have a green trim.

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Chintz china were inspired by Indian chintz fabric. Bright colored textiles were woven with amazing detail. First imported to England then to all their colonies including America.

Inspired by Antique Indian Chintz

Baum Textile Mill has recreated a line of antique chintz. Their words are “updated” versions. In antique chintz many of the designs included animals and bird they were whimsical and each unique. Baum’s antique inspired chintz is bold with wonderful bright colors.

In the world of Chintz china the rose is queen.  I would wager that Roses are the most painted flower in china, chintz is no exception.

Etsy Seller PixelSicle offers two lovely Lefton china rose pieces

Lefton Rose Sugar

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Thomas Anthony Dooley III- (1.17.27  to 1.18.61) Thomas A Dooley

Tom Dooley (his father was called Thomas)  was a  Naval doctor,  a humanitarian and an author.  He was also suspected of being a CIA agent, accused of being homosexual and given the Congressional Gold Medal posthumously by JFK.  In the 1970’s was a press for his canonization. That  never happened.

Many believe that his efforts in the Vietnam and Laos in part inspired the idea of the Peace Corp. We many never know but JFK did mention his work at the launch of the Peace Corp.

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